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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tank Repairs

The Honda GB500 is a great little bike. While it never got anything like the following the SR did it was reliable, quick, easy to service and looked fantastic in stock trim. Here's Jens GB that we had in the shop a while ago, after it was dropped on its right hand side, leaving a decent-sized dent in the side of the tank.

Stripping the existing finish back...

Oops indeed.

And now the more interesting bit. Studs are welded around the dented area and, using a draw hammer, you essentially whack out against the studs, pulling the dent out and true.

And woolah! You have a un-schmunched motorcycle tank. And here it is all coming together, with some various polishing and tidying up. Good ol' gloss black to finish.

And outside. Can you see the dent?

Nope, neither can we. And paint schemes like this can be pretty unforgiving. We were looking at various tank badges and decals but this stock scheme looks quite good. Testimony to the clean lines of the bike and how well it works proportionately.