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Saturday, December 20, 2014

#8 SR400 vs a very hard road surface (Spoiler Alert: The road surface won. Just.)

And here's what happened to the #8. These things are made to be ridden and it came to grief at Broadford. The fairing and windshield were cracked, exhaust scraped, bar ends torn out and part of the rear frame was snapped off. We've seen worse. And hey, nothing failed where it matters - the fairing mounts!

You can see on the right hand side where the rear frame has snapped, taking the indicator with it. If you find it at Broadford at your next track day please return it for a tiny reward.

While we're at it you're probably wondering about the headlight number. That's the same material that you find used as advertising on the sides of trams and buses. It only cuts down on the emitted light by around 5%, so it can still work beautifully at night.

So, like the phoenix (or a Hyundai i30 involved in a minor collision, but we'd rather stay romantic about these things) the bike will rise again. And better.

A new fairing was fitted and the snapped rear frame used as an excuse to cut it down properly and fit a new seat, with indicators that match the front flush-mounted ones. It's looking nearly complete now. But really - are these things ever finished?

Crashed your bike and need it repaired? Why not contact us. But to be honest we're probably not all that interested in repairing your CBR600F4i's crash damage, fantastic bike as it is. But if you have something a little bit more bespoke that has taken a tumble - I'm sure we can find space in our workshop for your Brough Superior!


  1. When we say a 'tiny' reward we mean non-existant. But we'll be impressed nonetheless.

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