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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Workingman's CB750 seat fitment and frame modications

Here's what the stock tail section on the CB750 looks like - grab rail, tool box and a brake light that can also be used to send semaphore signals between fleets.

The owner was after a seat that was a little funkier than stock, but still comfortable as the bike was his everyday rider. We sourced a shorter unit that looks pretty good, but the frame has to be modified fairly extensively for it to fit.

That's us getting enthusiastic with a red marker - that's all the bits that have to go. Here's the rear loop bend and welded in place, ready for paint.

Now at this stage we'd ordinarily like to take everything out and 2 Pac or powdercoat the frame but as the customer wanted a bike that he would ride every day and 'never, ever clean' it was hardly worthwhile. But here's the seat in place...

Perfect. We also added a neat little brake light and some indicators but, er, we forgot to take pictures. Sorry about that. When you're on a roll, you know?

While we were there we also cut and folded that aluminium sidecover. As with the tank there's no polishing there - just the fold and cut marks cleaned up.


  1. Hi there where abouts did you get the loop from, great looking seat and bike. Cheers Tele

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