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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fitting a Fairing

As we all know the SR wasn't designed to have a fairing. Sure, there's plenty of options for bikini fairings and even a few half fairings but a full fairing - well, that's a different task altogether. So here's some pictures of the process of dressing up a naked bike.

First up is selecting the fairing and dry fitting it with some clamps to check the stance, width and what areas need to be relieved and cut back.

Indicators are a bit of a tight fit... More on that soon.

Looking pretty good. Once that's been sorted you kinda work backwards to fabricate up the brackets needed to hold everything securely - and to make it easily removable for servicing. First up, the headlight mount:

The lower brackets...

And while we're there we moved the ignition unit to a more subtle location...

And now with the headlight fitted. Things are starting to come together. Tank on there and the ubiquitous nitroheads seat fitted too.

View from the cockpit. Pretty bare.

And here you'll see some flush-mounted indicators. Keeps the lines clean.

And while we're here, here's the idiot lights for the SR. The headlight was drilled and small LED's fitted at intervals across the top. It keeps everything under the fairing simple, light and nice and stripped back. No tacho, but really, if you don't know when to shift on a single cylinder bike you've probably got bigger issues to deal with. The speedo is a Daytona unit.

And we're nearly there. there's electronics to fit and a few other things but it's basically all there. Want a fairing fitted to your SR400 or SR500? Why not contact us?

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