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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The black CB750 all finished.

Here's the completed black CB750...

And some more detailed shots. The rearsets are a generic type and a backing plate had to be made from a 8mm plate of alloy, cut down to fit. The one plate also mounts the rear brake and exhaust to keep things simple and looking light.

A bank of the CR carbs. With the 865 kit on board, heavy clutch kit and with a proper exhaust the bike should run a lot better now than it did before.

That's a Joker Machine CNC'd top triple clamp. Bolted up nicely. I think a cast type might work a little better but to be fair it is an 80s CB750 so it makes sense. The speedo his a generic Posh unit or something like that and the bracket was made by us. It was drilled and finished for a row of idiot lights but after pairing down all the electrics it turns out that the bike can run without them.

Small headlight. The instruments, which are only just visible here have been chromed. It has a twin disc front set up and runs two brake lines the whole way rather than using a splitter box. The brake lines at the front and rear are stainless Goodridges.

The new exhaust system we fitted was okay, with the exception of the muffler. So we cut off around 8 or 9 inches and looked around the workshop for something that would suit. We scavenged this off our Bimota. 

And there you have it - a nice clean and simple CB750 cafe racer.

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